Major Functions of Arithmetic Logical Unit and Control Unit

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Major Functions of Arithmetic Logical Unit and Control Unit Points : major functions of arithmetic logical unit and control unit, define the terms with their major functions, arithmetic logical unit, control unit Arithmetic Logical Unit This is where arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are performed. This is where logical operations are also done such as comparison between two pieces of data. The ALU performs the basic functions on data received from the primary storage based on instruction from the control unit. The ALU Performs Arithmetic und Logical OperationsThe ALU includes a group of registers *_ high-speed volatile or temporary memory locations built directly into the CPU that are used to held the data currently being processed. For example, the control unit might load two numbers from memory into the registers in the ALU. Then it might tell the ALU to divide the two numbers (an arithmetic operation) or to compare the two numbers for equality (a logical operation). Control Unit All the computers resources are managed by the control unit (CU). It work like a traffic cop directing the flow of data between the components of the CPU and to and from the other devices. The CU of the CPU comprises of registers *_ which function as temporary storage devices. The bits of information which have been taken from the main memory (RAM) and those that will be placed in the main memory are temporarily held in the registers *_ while computations are being done. It extracts instructions from memory RAM and decodes and executes them, calling on the ALU when necessary. CU regulates operation in a computer by directing data flow within the CPU It controls input and output devices and data transfers process to and from memory. A control Unit:
Interprets and carries out instructions of computer programs;
Select program statements from memory;
Moves these to instruction registers in the control unit; and
Carries out instructions

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