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This is the only site in the Pakistan which is moderated by Students themselves. All the team members of the site are students even the founder and CEO itself is a student.
Nobody knows the studying problems except students themselves
So we create this site after consulting Brilliant and Outstanding students to help weak and average students in studies. We provide most important questions of science subjects chapters as well as complete notes of science subjects. But later on, we will try our best to provide notes for Urdu subjects like Islamiyat, Pak Studies, and Urdu.


A large number of students studying in schools and colleges in Pakistan depend on additional mentoring to understand the course content. Most of them have to rely on private academies and individual tutors to comprehend the course content and to pass the board exams. However, many of these students do not have the financial resources to afford private tutors for each of the subjects they are studying. Even if they can afford, the pace of learning is not self-controlled in the large-sized classroom. Moreover, in many regions of the country, especially in rural area, the qualified teaching staff is in scarcity.
Using advances in communication technology, IlmGah project plans to address some of the above-mentioned problems. IlmGah project will assist the students in their comprehension of the course content, as well as provide them a self-paced learning alternative.


Provide quality instructional material for most of the academic courses in Pakistan with the special focus on scientific subjects.


We also need contributor that contribute something to this project to help in building an Educated Pakistan. If you want to help that students please contribute in this site. Thanks!

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