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The East West Centre Graduate Degree Fellowship in the United States welcomes dedicated, industrious, and enthusiastic recent graduates from across the world. Individuals who hold a Bachelor's degree from a foreign higher institution or a U.S.-based institute are eligible to apply for this exceptional opportunity in the United States. This scholarship program, situated in the USA, enables fellows to collaborate with the East West Centre to cultivate their skills in the realms of education, culture, residential community building, and leadership development. Furthermore, participants will concurrently engage in post-graduate studies at the University of Hawai'i.

This international fellowship opportunity in the United States not only provides financial support but also has the primary objective of fostering a sense of community within the Asia Pacific region and preparing individuals to become future leaders. It presents an incredible chance for individuals to reside together, interact, and partake in intellectual and social activities. The EWC fellowship facilitates learning about team-building, the Asia Pacific region, leadership development initiatives, internships, educational enrichment events, cultural exchanges, community service, and service-learning projects. Additionally, it expands your social network by fostering friendships that contribute to positive change in the Asia Pacific region.

The fully funded scholarships for international students in the USA encompass a range of expenses for University of Hawai'i graduates. These include books, accommodation in an EWC dormitory, health insurance, partial meal funding, and incidental expenses. Furthermore, based on competitiveness, there is additional funding available for field studies, conference attendance, and presentations. The EWC stands out among international institutions due to its active emphasis on team building at the campus level, which ripples out to community development at the Asia Pacific regional level. As individuals learn and work together, they extend helping hands to the local community, fostering progress in the surrounding areas.

Regarding the EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship 2024, the University of Hawai'i is recognized as the flagship campus of the state. Established in 1970, the university has expanded across 320 acres of land in Manoa Valley. It is a research-oriented institution offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees across various fields. EWC sponsors fellowships in fields aligned with its core mission. In an era of heightened global economic, social, and technological interdependence, leaders must possess knowledge grounded in multicultural perspectives, regional expertise, and a shared sense of community. Initiatives like these not only empower individuals to excel in their careers but also contribute to the growth of nations in line with their local and global aspirations.

EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship in the United States:

Host Country United States
Host Organization East-West Center (EWC)
Host University University of Hawaii (UH)
Eligible Regions:
  • United States
  • Pacific Region
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
Program Level:
  • Master’s Level
  • Doctoral Level
Program Duration: The duration of the EWC Fellowship in the United States varies from program to program.
Last Date September 10, 2023

Benefits of the EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship in the United States:

  • You will get exposure to economic, social, and technological innovations.
  • Health insurance.
  • Books expense.
  • Housing in an EWC dormitory.
  • Partial funding towards meals.
  • Any other Incidental expenses.
  • Additional funding for field study, attending conferences, and conducting presentations is also offered on a competitive basis.

Eligibility Criteria of the EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship:

  • Graduates of listed eligible countries can apply.
  • Must have obtained a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • The degree should be accredited by a U.S. institute or any other higher learning institute abroad.
  • Must have a GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00.

How to Apply for the EWC Graduate Degree Fellowship in the United States?

  • Students have to apply through the online application portal.
  • If you are a student at the University of Hawai’i, directly apply to EWC.
  • Upload the necessary documentation.
  • If you are not a student at the University of Hawai, apply to UH.
  • After applying to UH, apply to EWC with the necessary documentation.
  • The UH evaluates and informs the decision to EWC.
  • The final selection will be made by EWC.

Documents required for the EWC Fellowship in the USA

  • CV/Resume.
  • Passport Biography page.
  • Graduate program statement of objectives.
  • Proof of application submission to UH, in case of applying to EWC if you were not enrolled in UH.

EWC Fellowship Application Deadline

The application deadline is December 01, 2023.

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