Differentiate Between Source and Object Program

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Differentiate between source and object program Points : differentiate between source and object program
Differentiate between Source and Object program

Source Program

Object Program
1.The main program or set of instruction in some high level language.The program which is being converted into machine code.
2.Before translation form.After transfer form.
3.Source program cannot be executed but interpreted or compiled into an object program.Object program can be linked and executed after translation by linker.
4.They can be edited or debugged easily.They can’t be edited or debugged easily.
5.They depends upon the language in which they are written i.e. CPP (C language); java (java language); Vbp (visual Basic)They depends upon the machine for which they are designed having. OBJ extension mostly.
6.The can be converted into object programs.The can be converted into executable program.

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