Purpose of Data Bus, Address Bus and Control Bus

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Purpose of Data Bus, Address Bus and Control Bus Points : purpose of data bus, address bus and control bus, define the term bus in general. what are the purpose of data bus, address bus and control bus Buses A processor communicates with Input/output circuit and memory by using signals. These signals travel along a set of wires or connections called bus that connect the different components together. There are three types of signals: address, control and data; like wise there are three types of buses: Address bus, Control bus and Data bus.

There are local buses that connect elements within the CPU and buses, which connect the computer to external memory and peripherals. The bus width determine the speed of data transmission.

Simply, bus is a set of wires that is used as a communication path.
Address flat A collection of wires connecting the CPU with main memory that is used to identify particular locations (address) in main memory where data is stored. The number of bits in the address bus can determine the amount of memory the CPU can address. For example, modern PCs have as many as 36 address lines, which enable them theoretically to access 64 Giga bytes of main memory. Control flat It is physical connection that carry control information between the CPU and other devices within the computer. The control bus carries signals that report the status of various devices. For example, one line of the bus is used to indicate whether the CPU is currently reading or writing to main memory. Data flat It is communication route through which data can travel between the computer’s central processing unit, memory and peripherals. The speed at which data can travel between hardware components depends on the number of wires in the bus. Each wire transmits a single bit at a time. So 8-bits bus can transfer 8-bit at a time. Similarly, 16-bits bus can transmit 16-bits. Simultaneously and so on.

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