The Use of Force, Lesson#7, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Use of Force

QNo 1: What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor?
Ans: The condition of the parents was not so good. They did not trust even the doctor.

QNo 2: What was the behavior of the child with the doctor?
Ans: The behavior of the child with the doctor was very rude. She did not want to be examined by the doctor. She saw the doctor with her cold eyes so that he might not examine her.

QNo 3: She had a fever for three days, hadn’t she?
Ans: Yes, she had a fever for three days.

QNo 4: Did the girl change her expression when the doctor said “Does your throat hurt you?”
Ans: No, the child did not change her expression.

QNo 5: Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
Ans: The doctor wanted her to show his love and affection so that she might allow him to examine her throat.

QNo 6: Did the sick girl promptly respond to the instructions of the doctor?
Ans: No, the sick girl did not respond to the instruction given by the doctor. She continued to resist him.

QNo 7: Why did parents rebuke her?
Ans: When the girl attacked the doctor and threw his glasses, her parents felt ashamed. They rebuked her for her bad behavior.

QNo 8: What was the threat of the doctor to the child for not showing her throat?
Ans: The doctor warned her that he would use force if she did not examine her throat. Otherwise she could die of disease.

QNo 9: Why did she break the wooden blade?
Ans: She did not want to be examined so, when the doctor forcefully inserted the wooden blade into her mouth she broke it into pieces.

QNo 10: What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?
Ans: The condition of the tonsils was very bad. They were covered with membrane.

QNo 11: How did the child look by appearance?
Ans: She was a beautiful little girl. She had blonde hair and flushed face. She was as strong as a heifer.

QNo 12: Why did the parents keep the sick child in the kitchen?
Ans: It was damp there sometime. So the parents took the girl to the kitchen to keep her warm.

QNo 13: How did the doctor succeed in examining her throat?
Ans: In his final assault, he overpowered the child’s neck and forced the silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat. At this moment he could see both of his tonsils covered with membrane.

QNo 14: Describe the feelings of the doctor in his struggle to diagnose the disease?
Ans: It seemed that the doctor was in a duel. The girl’s resistance and attacks had made him furious. He could tear her apart to pacify himself.

QNo 15: Compare and contrast the conduct of a healthy child and a sick child?
Ans: Sickness changes the mentality of the child and makes it rude and disobedient. He cannot play and enjoy. On the other hand a healthy child looks active and fresh. He obeys the orders given to him.

QNo 16: Under what circumstances can the use of force be justified?
Ans: Force should be used against injustice, cruelty, terrorism and violation of human rights.

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