Important Questions, Chapter 2, 2nd Year Chemistry, FSc

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Short Questions

Q.1 Give two uses of Lime in industry.

Q.2 Why 2% Gypsum is added to cement?

Q.3 Give products when lithium hydride is heated with water?

Q.4 CO2 turns lime water milky. Justify.

Q.5 The reaction of an alkali metal oxide with water is an acid base reaction and not an oxidation-reduction reaction.

Q.6 Complete the following reactions:
i) Mg(No3)2  ------->?
ii) BeO+NaOH  ------->?

Q.7 Why Aqueous solution of NaCo3 is Alkaline in nature? (2)

Q.8 How gypsum is converted in Plaster of Paris?

Q.9 Alkali and Alkaline earth metals are reactive elements of periodic table. Justify.

Q.10 Why lime is added to an acidic soil?

Q.11 What is Cement Plaster and Hard Finish Plaster?

Q.12 Why lime water turns milky with CO2 but becomes clear with excess CO2?

Q.13 Write the  advantages of Nelson cell. and Down's cell.

Q.14 What is the role of gypsum in agriculture?

Q.15 Write a brief note on the occurrence of alkaline earth metals.

Q.16 Give reason that Alkaline metals are strong reducing agents.

Q.17 When sodium reacts with water, the hydrogen which evolves catches fire. Why?

Q.18 Discuss in which respect KO2 can be used by mountaineers?

Q.19 What happens when CaO2 is hydrolyzed?

Q.20 What is Milk of Magnesia [Mg(OH)2] and for which treatment is it used?

Q.21 Why members of the second group are called Alkaline-Earth metals?

Q.22 What are the main uses of Plaster of Paris?

Q.23 What is meant by Dead Burnt Gypsum?

Q.24 How lime mortar is prepared?

Q.25 How lime and sand are used to make glass?

Q.26 Why lime is added to an acidic soil?

Long Questions

Q.1 Discuss peculiar behaviour of lithium with respect to other members of alkali metals.

Q.2 How Sodium metals are prepared from sodium Chloride/Commercial preparation of sodium by Down's Cell.

Q.3 Explain peculiar nature of Berylium.

Q.4 Discuss the role of lime in Agriculture.

Q.5 Complete and balance the following equations:
  i) BeO + NaOH ------->
 ii) KO2 + CO2 ------->
iii) Mg3N2 + H2O ------->
iv) Na2O2 + H2O ------->

Q.6 Write the role of Gypsum in Agriculture.

Q.7 Describe the commercial method for preparation of sodium hydroxide by the Diaphragm cell.

Q.8 Write a note on oxide of Alkali and Alkaline earth metals.

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