The Gulistan of Sa’di, Lesson#8, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Gulistan of Sa’di

QNo 1: What was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people?
Ans: He advised the people to fight against oppression and cruelty. He also advised them to pay for what they get from others.

QNo 2: What was the remedy suggested by the physicians for the disease of the king?
Ans: The physicians suggested that the king could only be cured by the bile of a person having certain qualities.

QNo 3: Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?
Ans: The boy was deprived from the love of his parents and justice from the Qazi. They had agreed to kill him. Therefore, he looked to God to seek justice.

QNo 4: What should e the role of Qazi?
Ans: A Qazi should remain impartial in his decisions. He should not make any difference between the rich and the poor.

QNo 5: Why did the king weep?
Ans: Boy’s speech and miserable condition melted his heart. He realized his mistake and the tears fell from his eyes.

QNo 6: How did the king recover?
Ans: Allah loved his repentance and sacrifice and blessed him with health as his reward.

QNo 7: What should be the rule of king?
Ans: A king should not be a selfish man. He should be a just and an honest person. His wisdom should be seen in his orders. Law and order should be his priority so that people may live a life free of threat.

QNo 8: Can an unjust king flourish?
Ans: No, an unjust king can never flourish. His unjust decisions make people furious and makes him hateful person. Deprived people start thinking to bring revolution and they can end his tenure.

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