The Foolish Quack, Lesson#9, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Foolish Quack

QNo 1: What is a clump of trees?
Ans: A group of trees growing very close to one another is called a clump of trees.

QNo 2: What was struck in the camel’s throat?
Ans: A melon was struck in the camel’s throat.

QNo 3: What did the quack pretend to cure?
Ans: The quack pretended to cure goitre.

QNo 4: what did the quack do with the old woman? OR How did the quack try to cure the old man?
Ans: He tied up the woman’s throat with a blanket and struck it with full force that the old woman died.

QNo 5: what was the result of the cure?
Ans: It was a horrible result. The woman died instantly.

QNo 6: What was the punishment inflected upon the quack by the villagers?
Ans: First they asked him to dig the grave of the woman and after that they beat him badly.

QNo 7: For whom did the quack dig the grave?
Ans: He dug the grave for the old woman.

QNo 8: what did the quack do in the next village?
Ans: When the quack reached in the next village, he again pretended to be a doctor. Before treating an old man he asked the people not to force him to dig his grave if the old man died.

QNo 9: Why did the villagers not let the old man to be cured?
Ans: It was because the quack had started to talk about digging up the old man’s grave before starting his treatment.

QNo 10: Why did the quack come back to the camel man?
Ans: The quack wanted to tell them that they had not shown him the right way to cure the goiter. Moreover, he wanted to learn the right way to cure goiter.

QNo 11: How did the camel-men cure their camel?
Ans: They tied a blanket around camel’s throat and struck it with so much force that melon broke into pieces instantly. The camel easily swallowed the pieces.

QNo 12: How did the quack came to realize his error?
Ans: The camel man realized him of his stupid ideas. They made him understand the difference between a camel and a human. Upon this he realized his error.

QNo 13: How did camel-men prove the stupidity of quack?
Ans: They showed him a demonstration. One of the camel-men struck a camel with a heave stick. The camel hardly felt the blow. Then he struck the quack that could not bear the blow and lost his senses. The difference between a camel and a man got him realized his error.

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