A Mild Attack of Locusts, Lesson#10, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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A Mild Attack of Locusts

QNo 1: What are locusts?
Ans: They are insects who fly from field to field and eat crops. They bring destruction to the land.

QNo 2: Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the fire?
Ans: They threw the wet leaves on the fires to make the smoke acrid and black.

QNo 3: What was the desire of every farmer?
Ans: Every farmer hoped that the locusts should ignore his farm and go on to the next one.

QNo 4: Did Margret know what to do to keep the locusts away?
Ans: No, she did not know anything to keep the locusts away.

QNo 5: What was the condition of the trees?
Ans: They were still and queer. The weight of the locusts had bent their boughs. They were fully covered with locusts.

QNo 6: How did old Stephen treat the stray locust?
Ans: He split It with his thumbnail and saw it full of eggs.

QNo 7: Are the hoppers different from the locusts?
Ans: Age is the only difference between these two insects. Hoppers are young locusts while locusts are fully grown insects.

QNo 8: Did Margaret lose heart on the loss of crops?
Ans: No, she did not lose her heart instead she answered the calls and tried to help the people indifferent ways. She was trying to get used to the locusts.

QNo 9: Why are locusts compared with bad weather?
Ans: Like bad weather locusts can come at any moment. They can destroy crops and trees. Therefore they are compared with bad weather.

QNo 10: Why did the men eat their supper with good appetite?
Ans: People tried to prevent their farms and fought against locusts. This effort got them tired and hungry. So, they ate their supper with good appetite to refresh themselves.

QNo 11: How did the farmers try to prevent the main swarm of locusts from landing on their farm?
Ans: They used different tricks to keep the locusts away from their land. They made noise by beating tins and drums. They burnt the fires to make black and acrid smoke.

QNo 12: Why, even after all the crops were destroyed, did the men continue to fight the swarm?
Ans: The main swarm was heavy with eggs. If the locusts got a chance to settle and lay their eggs then hoppers could bring more destruction later on. So, they continued to fight the swarm even after all the crops were destroyed.

QNo 13: What was the condition of the land when the locusts had moved to the south?
Ans: It was a terrible scene. The land was ruined and there was not a single blade left for the cattle. Everything was to be replanted.

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