Test, Chapter 3, 2nd Year Chemistry, FSc

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Q.1 What are silicones? Give their two uses.

Q.2 What are silicates? give two uses.

Q.3 Why CO2 is acidic in nature?

Q.4 What is chemical garden?

Q.5 How litharge changes its colour?

Q.6 Why is CO2 a gas at room temperature but SiO2 is solid?

Q.7 What is the importance of oxides of lead in paints?

Q.8 Write a short note on "white lead & lead chromate"

Q.9 Why are liquid silicones preferred over ordinary lubricants?

Q.10 Write down the formulae of methyl silicones. tale, Asbestos & Clay.

Essay Type Questions

Q.No.2 Write a detail note on Semi conductors.                                                                (5)

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