The Reward, Lesson#6, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Reward

QNo 1: What was the subject discussed at the club?
Ans: The subject discussed at the club was of opportunity and determination.

QNo 2: What did Terbut think of Jorkens argument?
Ans: Jorkens were of the view that only determination was required for success. But Terbut said that only opportunity was needed for success.

QNo 3: How did Jorkens convince that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara?
Ans: Jorkens says that if a man earns money, builds a skating rink and organizes a competition there he can surely become a skating champion of Sahara.

QNo 4: How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?
Ans: In his speeches he told the people to create the post of acrobat. This practice would make their soldiers strong to win the rights of the nation.

QNo 5: What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?
Ans: His parents were of the opinion that only determination could bring a man to his goal.

QNo 6: What were the arrangements made for the function of inauguration?
Ans: To inaugurate the function they turned the great throne room into a kind of gymnasium. Great curtain of red and gold were hung along the walls. High swings were hung with gilded ropes. On the polished floor, there was a row of neat hurdles. Light glittered and a band in pale played softly.

QNo 7: Describe the scene of inauguration.
Ans: The doors opened with a flood of golden light and the man in his tight-fitting suit came in. Whenever he touched something to show a trick, people applauded him that no actual activity was expected from him.

QNo 8: What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion?
Ans: He was a bit sad but his achievement made him happy. He could not perform tricks. He remained humble on the occasion.

QNo 9: Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition?
Ans: No, he did not use any short cut to achieve his ambition. He worked hard to win his goal.

QNo 10: How long did Gorgios have to stick to get his ambition achieved?
Ans: He had to stick for more than sixty years to achieve his ambition.

QNo 11: Discuss political views of Jorkens.
Ans: Jorkens says that if someone wants to achieve his ambition he should go into politics. In politics, he has a chance to deliver his message by making speech. Although there is great opposition yet man’s determination can defeat it.

QNo 12: How did Gorgios achieve his ambition?
Ans: He went into politics and made speeches to reach his ambition. He made the people realize that how the post of acrobat would strengthen their nation. He stuck to his idea for a long time and at the end he achieved his ambition.

QNo 13: Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?
Ans: The entrance of the old man was a key point of the inauguration. They wanted to make his appearance prominent. So, all the brilliant dresses that the women were wearing were put in the shade at the inauguration.

QNo 14: What is the lesson of the story teaches?
Ans: The story teaches us the lesson that only determination and struggle can lead us to our destination.

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