God be Praised, Lesson#13, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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God be Praised
QNo 1: What was alias Abul’s full name?
Ans: His full name was Maulvi Abul Barkat.

QNo 2: What was his turban known as and where from did it originally came?
Ans: His turban was known as “Mashadi Lungi” and it originally came from Mashad in Iran.

QNo 2: What did he always carry with him?
Ans: He always carried with him a walking stick.

QNo 4: Describe Maulvi’s appearance.
Ans: Maulvi had slightly bulging eyes. He wore a turban on his head that had gilded tip. On his fingers he wore five silver rings with large stones. He always carried a walking stick with hm. For his hair, he used fragrant oil.

QNo 5: How much did Maulvi collect on every Eid?
Ans: He collected about 150 to 200 rupees.

QNo 6: How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?
Ans: He used to distribute 40 to 50 rupees among the needy and the poor.

QNo 7: What was the name of his eldest daughter?
Ans: The name of his eldest daughter was Mehrunisa.

QNo 8: What was the name of the member of the district board where the Maulvi lived?
Ans: His name was Chaudhry Fatehdad.

QNo 9: What was the name of his wife?
Ans: The name of his wife was Zaibunnisa.

QNo 10: Write the names of the other two daughters who are mentioned in the story?

Ans: Their names are Zabda and Shamsun.

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