The Gift of the Magi, Lesson#12, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Gift of the Magi

QNo 1: How much did Della save for Christmas?
Ans: She saved only one dollar and eighty-seven cents.

QNo 2: Why did Della feel pride in the beauty of her hair?
Ans: Della had long hair that reached below her knee. She loved them and thought them more valuable than queen’s jewels.

QNo 3: Why did Della sell her hair?
Ans: She sold her hair to buy a beautiful gift for Jim

QNo 4: Why did Jim sell the golden watch?
Ans: He sold his watch to buy a gift for Della at Christmas.

QNo 5: why did they want to present gifts?
Ans: They both loved each other very much. So, they could not celebrate Christmas without giving gifts to each other.

QNo 6: Why did she feel sad about losing her hair?
Ans: Della’s long hair was an important part of her beauty. She could not look beautiful to Jim without her hair. This thought made her sad.

QNo 7: Why did Jin not welcome her when he stepped in?
Ans: He was shocked to see Della without her beautiful hair. The combs that he bought for her beautiful long hair were of no use. Therefore, he did not welcome her when she came in.

QNo 8: What did Jim bring out from his coat?
Ans: Jim brought out beautiful combs from his coat.

QNo 9: How beautiful was the gold watch chain?
Ans: The chain was made with the rich and pure material. It was simple, plain and shiny.

QNo 10: What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?
Ans: Love had taught them how to sacrifice for each other. At Christmas, they wanted to buy gifts for each other but they did not have the money. The only wise decision they could make was to sell their valuable things to buy gifts. This act shows their wisdom clearly.

QNo 11: How did magi want to celebrate their Christmas?
Ans: Magi were wonderfully wise men. They wanted to give gifts to the new-born Christ at Christmas. They brought with them gold, Frankincense, and myrrh.

QNo 12: How much attached to each other are they in the story?
Ans: They loved each other from the core of their hearts. They do not value their valuable things to buy gifts at Christmas. They weaken every force that weakens their bond of love.

Qo13: Why did they sell their valuable things?
Ans: They sold their valuable things to buy gifts for each other. Because they could not celebrate Christmas without  giving gifts to each other.

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