Good Bye Mr. Chips Solved Questions Second Half Book | 2nd Year English Book-4 Notes

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Good Bye Mr. Chips
(Important Questions from Second Half Book)

Chapter # 10

Q.33 How was Meldrun and how did he die? OR When and how did Chips become the acting head for the 1st time?
Ans: Meldrum was the head master of Brookfield.He joined Brookfield in 1870 and died in 1900.He served Brookfield for 30 years.After his death, Chips became acting head of Brookfield.

Q.34 How was Ralston? OR What type of head master was Ralston? OR What do you know about Ralston? OR Write a note on Ralston personality. OR Why could Ralston not become popular? OR What was Ralston progress as a head?
Ans: Ralston become the head master of Brookfielf in 1900.He was 37 years old.He was a science master,He was very able and hard working.Under him the status of Brookfield improved.He was very strict and reduced Big Hall to scilence.At sometime he was inhuman and unkind.That's why he did not become popular.

Chapter # 11

Q.35 Describe the row between Ralston and Chips? OR How did the people of the area come to know about Chips insult? OR Who was outside the head master's office when Chips was in meeting with Ralston? OR What were the charges the Ralston put on Chips? OR What were Ralston's news about Latin pronunciation?
Ans: Ralston called Chips in his office and pointed to his weaknesses.He blamed that Chips was not working efficiently.His method of teachimg was old and he was lazy.His pronunciation was poor and Chips did not follow Ralston orders.There started a row between Ralston and Chips.A student heard all this and told the other people.The people reacted against it.

Q.36 Why did Ralston leave Brookfield? OR Who was Jhon Rivers? OR Describe the Jhon Rivers' visit at Brookfield? OR What was the reaction of the people after the row between Ralston and Chips?
Ans: People could not tolerte Chips' insult.They reacted against it.At last Jhon Rivers,the Chairman of the board of Governors visited Brookfield to resolve the matter.He was Brookfieldian and student of Chips.He went to Chips and ignore the Ralston.He assured him that Governors were with him.In 1911 Ralston left Brookfield claiming that he had get a better job.

Chapter # 12, 13, 14

Q.38 Who was Chatteris? OR How did Chatteris behave with Chips? OR What type of head master was Chatteris? OR How an when did Chatteris die? OR Why did Chatteris go to Chips? OR Describe health problem of Chatteris? OR Why did Chips join Brookfield again?
Ans: Chatteris was the head master of Brookfield.He was very kind to Chips .He was of 34 years old.He was unmarried.He was a diabetic patient.He was hard working and over burdened.In July 1916,he went to Chips and requested him to jion Brookfield again.He died due to diabetes in April 1918 at the age of 41.

Q.39 Describe Chips' farewell speech? OR What was presented at the time of his retirement? Or What type of farewell was given to Chips?
Ans: At final term of dinner in July 1930 Chips was given farewell presentation of a cheque writing desk and a wall clock.Chips made a speech at his dinner.It was not a very long speech but it had so many jokes and Latin quotations.

Q.40 Why did Chips go to Wiesbaden? Or Who was Herr Staefel?
Ans: Chips was suffering from bronchitis.In August 1913 Chips went to cure.Herr Staefel was a teacher in Brookfield and he lived in Germany.Chips stayed at his home in Germany.

Q.41 What was Chips feeling when Chatteris read the name of war victim?
Ans: Chatteris read the name and sketches of the students.He did no know them personally. Chips sitting on the last bench,remember them and started weeping.

Q.42 Why did Chips becomes the acting head for seacond time? OR What were Chips' duties during his second ship?
Ans: On account of Chatteris illness,chips become the acting head for the 2nd time.He sat to his studies and solved the problems.After Chatteris' death he read the name of war victims in the Chapel.

Chapter # 15

Q.43 Describe the  horrerof air raid at Brookfield? OR How deadly was the air raids ar Brookfield? OR How did Chips keep the boys normal during the air raid?
Ans: On a moon lit night,Chips was teaching his students.Meanwhile 5 bombs had fallen in and around Brookfield.9 persons were killed.It was a horrible attack but Chips kept the boys normalby cracking different amusing incidents.

Q.44 How was the news of victory celebrated at Brookfield? OR Why did Chips resign from the headship?
Ans: There was no school that day.There was much cheering and singing.Chips went to participate from his office.He cought cold and on his return he resigned 11th November,1918.

Q.45 Who was Burrow?
Ans: Burrow was a sciencs master at Brookfield.He was pale and weak.He was medically unfit. He conducted an experiment in the laboratory.He was also called stink merchant.

Chapter # 16

Q.47 Which season chips liked and why? OR Why did Chips did not leave Brookfield 1929? OR What was the condition of Chips' health during the last 5 years of his age?
Ans: Chips liked Summer season.In winter and autumn Chips reamined disturbed.He had breathing problems in winter,otherwise his health was not bad.Bacuse of his health he did not leave Brookfield after 1929.

Q.48 How did Chips earn the reputation of a great jester? OR What was chips joke about his cinema?
Ans: Chips' humour had always been his strong point.People asked questions to get amusing answers from him.Once a boy told him about Wurlitzer device in Brookfield cinema and chips replied that he thought Wurlitzer was a roll.

Chapter # 17

Q.49 What were 2 things Chips never in his life?
Ans: Chips was a simple person.He never went to the cinema and did not travel by air.

Q.50 Who was Lindford? OR How did Chips received Lindford? OR Write a note on chips meeting with Lindford. OR Why did Chips become sad after Lindford's departure?
Ans: Lindfordwas a boy who came to see Chips just one day before his death.Some student sent him to Chips by way of joke.Chips brought him in and entertained him with tea and walnut cake.On his departure Lindford said good bye to Chips which remained him his wife and he became sad.

Chapter # 18

Q.52 Who was Cartwright? OR What did Cartwright say about Chips' children? OR Describe the scene of Chips death?
Ans: Cartwright was the head master of Brookfield who came after Chips.Cartwright felt sorry to Chips not having any child.Chips replied that all the school boys were his children.All the school boys and Katherine came to his mind.He went to sleep and could not rise again.


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