Dark they were, and Golden-Eyed, Lesson#3, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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Dark they were, and Golden-Eyed
QNo 1: Why did Harry want to go back to the earth?
Ans: On reaching Mars, the severe climate badly effected Harry’s family. He thought it dangerous for him and his family to live there. The food and climate could change their identities.

QNo 2: What was the climate they faced on Mars?
Ans: It was a sever climate with hot days and cold nights. The hot wind burned everything. There was a kind of virus that changed their physical appearance.

QNo 3: What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news of war on earth?
Ans: It was horrible news for them. When Laura came stumbling and told them the news Harry could not believe at first. His wife held onto him and started weeping. Sweat poured out from his body and a strange fear caught them all.

QNo 4: What did they want to grow?
Ans: They wanted to grow onion, peach trees and some other kinds of vegetables.

QNo 5: What was the condition of the house?
Ans: The condition of the house was very bad. The air burned it and at night, the fog had warped out the shapes of the boards.

QNo 6: What was the advice Harry gave to the people?
Ans: Terrified by the sever climate and strange food, Harry advised the people to build a rocket to return to the earth.

QNo 7: How much dangerous can a Martian virus be?
Ans: It can change the color of the people by making them dark and golden-eyed. It can change the physical appearance and make people thin and slender.

QNo 8: Under what circumstances did the Bittering family have to pass?
Ans: They had to face sever climate, which was changing their physical appearance and thoughts. On the other hand food was bringing external changes. Hot days and cold nights were constant source of trouble and fear for them.

QNo 9: How much social were the people of mars?
Ans: They were very friendly and peaceful. They learnt English very fast.

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