Important Questions, Chapter 14, 2nd Year Physics, FSc

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Short Questions

Q1. Name the main parts of C.R.O.

Q2. What is Lorentz force?

Q3. What is Lamp and Scale arrangement in Galvanometer?

Q4. How can a Galvanometer be made more sensitive?

Q5. Why a soft iron sylider is used inside the coil of galvanometer?

Q6. What is time base geberator?

Q7. Can an electron at rest be in motion with a magnet?Explain.

Q8. Write any four uses of C.R.O.

Q9. Discuss briefly DMM.

Q10. Draw a diagram of current measuring part of Avometer.

Q11. Describe the function of Grid in C.R.O.

Q12. Briefly explain the function of Filament,Cathode,Grid and plates in CRO.

Q13. Why do parallel currents attracts and opposite currents repell each other?

Q14. Define Galvanometer and CRO.

Long Questions:

Q1. Define Ampere's Law. Calculate the magnetic field due to currnt flowing in a solenoid.

Q2. Derive an expression for force on a moving charge in magnetic field.

Q3. Describe construction and working of a Galvanometer. Gence show that the deflection is directly proportional to current.

Q4. What is C.R.O?explain the functions of 
(iv)Deflecting plates
(v)Sweep Generator.

Q5. Explain How Galvanometer can be converted into(i)ammeter(ii)voltmeter.



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