Important Questions, Chapter 1, 2nd Year Chemistry, FSc

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Short Questions

Q.1 State mendeleev’s periodic law. What improvements were made in mendeleev’s periodic table?

Q.2 How ionization energy varies in a period and a group?

Q.3 Define ionization potential. How it varies in groups of peirdic table?

Q.4 State model periodic law?

Q.5  Define hydration energy. Give an example?

Q.6 Why the ionic radii of negative ions are larger than the size of their parent atoms?

Q.7 Hydrogen can be placed over element of Vii-A group justify?

Q.8 Why metallic character incresses from top to botten in a group?

Q.9 Why diamond is a a non-conductor and grouphite is fairly a good conductor?

Q.10 How the classification of element in different blocks helps in understanding their chemistry?

Q.11 Why ionization energy decrease down the group. Give reason?

Q.12 Zn,Cd,Hg were placed with alkaiine earth metals in mendeleev’s table. How this confusion is removed in the model periodic table.

Q.13 Define “Electron a ffinity”. Why second electron affinity value is positive?

Q.14 Why Na2O is basic while p2O5 is aidic characters?

Q.15 O.S vary in a period but remain almost constant in agroup. Give reason.

Q.16 Give the trends of E.A. in periodic table?

Q.17 Justly the position of hydrogen at the top of group i-A.

Q.18 Why the oxidation state (o.s) of noble gases is usually zero?

Q.19 Give reason that hydrogen energy of Al3+ lons is more than mg2+ ions.

Q.20 M.p, B.P. Of short peiods increases up to middle of period and then decreases. Why?

Q.21 Give similarities of hydrogen with alkali metals.

Long Questions

Q.1 Define oxides. How are then classified? Give example of each class.

Q.2 Discuss the variation of ionization energy within a group and across the period.

Q.3 Define Halides. Give their classification.

Q.4 Explain periodic trend in the following physical properties.

a) Atomic Radius                     b) Ionization Energy

Q.5 Define Hydration Energy. Give example. Also explain its trend in the periodic table.

Q.6 What are Hydrides? How these are classified? Also give their physical properties.

Q.7 Write four similarities of Hydrogen with 1A group of periodic table.

Q.8 Explain the features of modern periodic table.

Q.9 Explain the variation of ionization energy and electrical conductance in groups and periods.

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