Honesty is the Best Policy

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It was the reign ofGhias-ud-Din Tughlaq. In the slums of capital Delhi there lived a Muslim labourer. His name was Hasan poverty had made his life along chapter of woes and miseries. He could not find any regular job in spite of his best efforts.
Vande Hassan called on khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya The Lord of saints of India. The holy man listed to his tail very attentively. He made him sit beside him affectionately and consoled him. " he gave her son to pieces of advice first, never be dishonest; second, do not lose heart in sales of difficulties. God will change the state of beggary into kingship.
With the blessings of holy man hasn't got a job with a Brahman. He was a rich Barron and also a favourite coutier of his master, when all of a sudden The Blade of his plough struck something.  On seeing intently Hasan found a huge pot of brass. He dug it out of the soil. When he lifted the lid off the pot his eyes were dazzled. The pot was full of golden coins. For a moment Jassans's faith wavered but he remember the advice of the saint. He carried the gold coins home and presented them to the Brahman. The master was very happy with the honesty of his servant next day he told this incident to the Sultan of Delhi the Sultan was so impressed that he made Hassan his courtier. In the court of the Delhi Hassan had to face many in triguers and plots. But he faced all the hardships bravely climbing the rungs of the ladder of progress. Hassan ultimately become the legend of the Deccan and the king of the Decn. The history of India remembers him as Hasan Deccani.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy

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