Memory Unit and its two major types

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Memory Unit 
Memory unit is the place where the computer program and data re stored during processing. It is the area, through which all the data which is input into or output of the CPU mist pass. ft is monitored by OU which keeps track of every thing in the storage. It is a random access device, which consists of thousands upon thousands of storage locations, each of which can be directly reached by the CU. Each storage location is distinguished by the address.

It is divided into two parts.

  1. Read Only Memory (ROM) 
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM)
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    • Read Only Memory (ROM)

      This part of memory contains permanently stored information. When the power is switched off. ROM does not wash away. This information is available to a computer to read and process but not to be changed is kept on ROM. This information is stored on small pieces of memory chips, before the computer is assembled. 
    • Random Access Memory (RAM)

      This part of memory consists of blank chips and hence the computer can use it to store and retrieve (write and read) information during its processing. The information stored in RAM is volatile, that is, when the computer is shut down the stored information is lost.

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