Functional Units of Computer

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Functional Units of Computer Points: functional units of computer, input unit, central processing unit (CPU), function of a CPU:, an output unit, hard copy and soft copy Functional Units of Computer A microcomputer consists of several components, each containing mechanical and electronic equipment. There are three basic components of a computer.
i. Input unit
ii. Central Processing Unit
iii. Output Unit
i. input Unit: In order to process data, a computer must have the ability to receive this data. The elements of a computer system, which enter the data into the computer are known as Input unit. The function of the input unit is to feed data or information and a set of instructions into the computer. The most common input devices are the Keyboard and the mouse. Central Processing Unit (CPU) Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer system. We use CPU to control all input and output connections inside and outside of computer to produce correct answers for the user. It controls and supervises all the units in a computer. It takes information from the input and from the memory and uses it according to the instructions already given to the computer. The function of a CPU:
  • To store data and instructions.
  • To control the sequence of operations.
  • To give commands to all parts of the computer systems.
  • To carry out processing.
iii. Output Unit: Computer processing transforms input data into the output information that you can use it to improve your understanding of issues and achieve specific goals. The output unit may adopt different shapes and styles. The output may be in the form of typed, printed or sketched matter. But we can classify them as:
  • Hard copy
  • Soft copy
Hard copy & Soft Copy: Hard copy and soft copy are the information stored in the computer that can be hacked up by two means. Either we save it on a disk or magnetic tape or we can print if by the printer. The data saved on a disk is a soft copy and the data printed on a paper is called a hard copy.
A variety of input and output units are used with the computers. The use of these devices depends on the type and the purpose of output. Some types of output units are Monitor, Printers and Floppy disk.

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