Hierarchy of Computer Languages

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Hierarchy of Computer Languages Points : what is hierarchy of computer languages? briefly explain the characteristics of a high level programming language, advantages of high level language, disadvantage of high level language
Programming Language Naturally a language is the source of communication between two persons and also between the person to machine like computer. The language we can use to communicate with the computer are known as Computer programming languages.

Generally there are two major types of languages are available as follows:
1. Low Level LanguageThe sets of commands available in low level language is complex and not easy to understand. In this category “Assembly” and “Machine codes” are available. Assembly programs are faster than other high level languages programs. 2. High Level LanguagesThe set of commands available in high level languages are very simple and easy to understand. High level languages are further divided into two major categories. i. Procedure Oriented LanguagesIn this category we are able to create our projects or programs using procedural approach means in this type we can able to divide our big project program into small solutions or procedures. After making procedures we can able to call a procedure one or more places. The list of procedural languages are as follows: C language, C ++ (object oriented) and Pascal language etc. ii. Non-Procedural LanguagesThis category also known as “Problem Oriented Languages”. In this type of languages we can able to make program only at specific range like database. The following are the examples of non-procedural languages.

i. SQL (Structured Query Language)
ii. SNOBOL (String Processor)

The language which based on computers are called High level languages. These language code or instruction are written in simple English and math’s notations. The examples are:
Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

Common Business Oriented Language.

Formula Translation.
Advantages of high level Languagei. Easy to learn.
ii. Easy to write.
iii. Less hardware knowledge required.
iv. Machine Independent.
Disadvantage of high level languagei. Take much time for executing program.
ii. Compiler or translation is required.
iii. More memory required.

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