Define and Differentiate between Compiler and Interpreter

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Define and Differentiate between Compiler and Interpreter Points : define and differentiate between compiler and interpreter Compiler Compiler is a translator, which converts high level “Source” program into low level “Object” program. It translates the whole programs at once and gives an error list to be removed. It can not execute the object program. Interpreter Interpreter is a translator program which converts “Source program” into object program. It translates one instruction at a time.
Difference between Compiler and Interpreter


1.It translates the whole program at once and give an errors list to be removed.An interpreter is a program that translates a high level programming language into machine language during the actual step by step execution of program.
2.Compilation is not necessary for repeated execution of a program.In case of interpreter whenever an instructions is used, it must once again be interpreted and translated into machine language.
3.Compiler is a complex program.Interpreter are easy to write and they do not require large memory space in the computer.

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