Advantages and Disadvantages of Punched Card

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Punched Card Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Punched Card Advantages 1. Punched cards are fairly inexpensive.
2. Data entry using Hollerith card is relatively fast, modern card readers can easily read 600 card per minute.
3. Punched cards may be stored and reared if the need arise.
4. Errors found in cards cannot be corrected, but the card containing the error can be replaced without affecting the rest of the deck.
Disadvantages 1. Punched cards are large in comparison to the amount of data they can contain storage requires a great deal of space.
2. The system still involves a form of keyboard entry; the key punch machine is merely a method of converting Key presses to holes punched in the card.
3. If the order in which the cards are to be read is important, very careful attention must be find for maintaining that order, since the deck of the cards can easily become shuffled out of order. If the order is critical a sequence number may be placed in each card which the computer must verify as being in the correct order.
4. Any thing that might make additional holes in the card must be avoided. Any additional hole may read data or may corrupt data.
5. The punched cards readers are high speed models and sensitive for wrinkled or bent cards. A bad card can jam the machine so badly that the machine must be taken a part to remove the Jam. This problem becomes more serious as the cards wears with usage and age.

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