Types of Computers According to Their Purpose

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Types of Computers According to Their Purpose Points : types of computers according to their purpose, describe the types of computer according to their purpose, General purpose computer, special purpose Types of Computers According to Their Purpose Computer are classified according to purpose into two different classes which are as follows:
i. General purpose computer
ii. Special purpose
General Purpose Computer: These computers are designed to solve a variety of tasks. Digital computers are the general purpose computers because these computers can perform a number of tasks. The computer program of these computers is not find therefore we can program it according to the task we want to perform.


They are design to solve a large variety of problem i.e they can be given different programs to solve different types of problems. They can process business data as readily as they process complex mathematically formulas.

Most digital computers are general purpose and mainly used in business and commercial data processing.
Special Purpose Computer: These machines are designed to perform a single task. The computer program of these computers are fined and built in the memory of computer by manufacturer. We cannot alter the program. Analog computers are special purpose computers. Examples include gasoline pump machine, bank auto teller machine, ECG machine etc.


They are designed to solve a specific problem. The computer program for solving the built right into the computer. Special purpose computer has many futures of general purpose computer. For e.g. they may be design to process only numeric data OR to completely control automatic manufacturing process. Most Analog computer’s are special purpose computer.

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