Advantages of Computer other than Book

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Advantages of Computer other than Book Points : advantages of computer other than book, write, down advantages of computer other than book. Verstality: Verstality is one of the most wonderful things about the computer. One moment, it is preparing the result of particular examination, the next moment it is busy preparing electricity bills, and in between, it may be helping an office secretary, to send a fax in seconds. All that is required to change its talent is to insert a new program in to it. Briefly, a computer is capable of performing almost any task provided that the task can be reduced to a series of logical steps. Use of Multimedia: When computers developed earlier they had the capability only to process number or text. But due to the revolution of storing analog data into digital form, it become possible to process sound, pictures and videos. Now sound, pictures, and videos are recorded into digital form that a computer can manipulate. The ability of computer to process text, numbers, sound, video and pictures is called Multimedia. Compact Storage: Computer stores data on the secondary storage devices like floppy diskette, hard disk optical disk. These storage medium are very compact. Instead of recording data and information on the papers, which consumes lots of stationary and volume of space computer storage arc very compact. A single optical disk, called CD-ROM. can hold upto about 700 mega bytes of data. This work out to about 269,000 pages to text, or more than 7500 photos or graphics or 20 hours of speech 77 minutes of video. Communication Capability: The most modern use of computer is its ability to connect with other computer which makes it possible for us to read a news paper online, to watch a movie using internet, talk with your friends sitting far distance from you using computers or to buy something from online store, pay your utility bill without waiting for a long time in front of a bank window, mail your uncle without going to a post office, and search. a job in America without going there. Thanks for the information technology that makes it possible for us to do all these jobs when sitting in a room.

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