Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine language

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine language Points : advantages and disadvantages of machine language Advantages of Machine language
  1. Machine language is highly suited fort small computers which have the limited memory.
  2. Programs which are written in the machine language are quite efficient because it takes shorter time for execution as compare to those programs which are written in other language.
  3. No need of translation of the programs because those program which are written in machine language are directly understood by the computer.
Disadvantages of Machine language
  1. Machine language consist on zeros and ones therefore all instructions written in the form of binary and numerical numbers.
  2. The numerical form of instructions is difficult to remember and leads the errors.
  3. Errors are difficult to find. Each statement has to be carefully checked.
  4. When an error is found, it and all of the statement below it have to be rewritten.
  5. The modification in machine language program is a difficult task because only modification in this language programs result in a series of changes. If a program is to be modified by adding or deleting some instructions then addresses of all the subsequent instruction are to be changed.
  6. The parts of previously written programs in machine language can not be used in new program without changing the addresses of the instructions and data to confirm with the new program.
The machine language is different for different systems. This means that machine language is machine dependent. Any machine language program which is written for a particular computer can’t be used on any other computer without drastic modification.

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