Visit to a Small Planet, Play#2, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-3 Notes

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Visit to a Small Planet

Qno 1: How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers?
Ans: He has magical powers that do not allow someone to touch him or his ship. He can read people’s mind. His ship has no instrument and he says that he is immortal.

Qno 2: What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
Ans: Earth is Kreton’s subject of interest. He has all the information about it and he wants to take hold of the planet.

Qno 3: How much more advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of earth?
Ans: Their civilization is much more advanced than that of earth. They have the scientific theoriesthat read minds and make the man immortal. They are wise and intelligent and learn languages very fast.

Qno 4: Can the people of earth compete with the people of Kreton?
Ans: No, they cannot compete because they are much more advanced scientifically and emotionally.

Qno 5: How much damaging is violence in life?
Ans: Violence destroys the bond of love and life. It brings dejection and sorrows in the society. It makes people fearful and stops them from enjoying the happy moments of their life.

Qno 6: What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
Ans: If the scientific progress continues with the current pace we would be more advanced as that of Kreton’s people. We would read minds and control the space.

Qno 7: How much impressive was the morals of Kreton?
Ans: He was not emotional and took every decision with patience. He was tolerant, loving and courteous.

Qno 8: What is the role of General Powers in the play?
Ans: He is the member of National Guard. He is fearful from Kreton and considers him a threat for his country. But Kreton and other people do not like his rude behavior.

Qno 9: What is the theme of the study of Kreton?
Ans: Knowing about the people of earth and their civilization is the theme of the study of Kreton.

Qno 10: How does Kreton impress General Powers?
Ans: Kreton reads his mind and tells him that he is thinking about his promotion. And when General’s troops go to destroy the ship he draws an invisible wall around his ship. These tricks impressed Power well.

Qno 11: How does the play writer expose the inferiority of the present race to that of future?
Ans:By Kreton, the writer represents the future generation and tells us that it would be wise, patient and logical in its approach.

Qno 12: Describe the scene of the arrival of the flying saucer?
Ans: When the people saw a luminous object coming from the sky they thought that it was meteor. But it was a spaceship without instruments that landed right in Spelding’s garden.

Qno 13: Compare and contrast the people of two planets?
Ans: Here Kreton who is representative of other planet seems polite, patient, loving and immortal. While on the other hand people of earth are emotional, shortsighted and mortal.

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