The Angel and the Author - and Others, Lesson#15, Solved Question Answers | 1st Year English Book-1 Notes

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The Angel and the Author - and Others
QNo 1: At what point of journey in his dream did the author hear the throbbing sound of wings?
Ans: The author heard the throbbing sound of the wings of the angel when he could only see aluminous buried beneath the darkness.

QNo 2: What time of the year it was?
Ans: It was fortnight after Christmas.

QNo 3: What does the author like about Christmas?
Ans: He thinks that Christmas makes everybody generous and they start doing good deeds.

QNo 4: Write down the good deeds the author has admitted are great joy at Christmas?
Ans: Christmas changes every one and makes them generous. People give donations and do well to others. The writer himself has done good deeds that are real source of pleasure for him.

QNo 5: Why noble deeds are always a great joy for author?

Ans: Noble deeds are great joy for author because they give him eternal happiness. Whenever he does a noble deed he gets spiritual satisfaction.

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