Important Questions, Chapter 12, 2nd Year Physics, FSc

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These questions are collected from 5 year papers of physics 2nd year. all these questions are from chapter 12. Hope it will helps you a lot.

Short Questions

Q1. Why do parallel currents attract and opposite currents repel each other?

Q2. Give the relation between Electron Volt and Joule.

Q3. Write any two characteristics of electric field lines.

Q4. Give the statement of Gauss's law. Write down it's mathematical form.

Q5. A particle carries a charge of 2e falls through a potential difference of 3.00 volts. Calculate the energy in joules.

Q6. Prove that RC=t dimensionally.

Q7. Suggest a method 'shield' an apparatus from electric field even when it is to be kept in the region where electric field is present.

Q8. The potential is constant throughout a givenm region of space. Is electric field zero or non-zero in this region.

Q9. Define electric flux. Write it's S.I units?

Q10. What is Coulomb's force between twot point charges if the distance between them is doubled? What happens when mass of charges is made 4 times?

Q11. Differentiate between electric potential and electric potential difference.

Q12. Define capacitance of a capacitor. Write it's units.

Q13. Prove R-C=time constant in case of a Capacitor-Resistor Circuit.

Q14. What is time constant of a capacitor resistor circuit and prove that R×C=time constant.

Q15. Write down two similarities between electric and Gravitational force.

Q16. Show that N/C=V/m.

Q17. Upon what factors does the electric flux through a closed surface enclosing a charge depend?

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