CSS Everyday Science Past Paper 1988

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1. Describe briefly any two of the following:
    (a) Abcess
    (b) Appendicitis
    (c) Asthma
    (d) Goiter

2. What is the structure and function of human kidney?

3. What is the factor responsible for environmental pollution in Pakistan?

4. Name at least five important products which are obtained during refining the crude oil.

5. Write short notes on any two of the following.
    (a) Green House Effect
    (b) Pollination
    (c) Photosynthesis
    (d) Chromosome

6. What is integrated circuit? What are its uses?

7. What is the composition of human blood? How clotting of blood take place?

8. What do you mean by the following term? Answer any five.
            (i) Palaeontology
            (ii) Limnology
            (iii) Sericulture
            (iv) Agronomy
            (v) Histology
            (f) Apiculture

9. What is meant by rectification? Explain the use of a diode as rectifier?

    (a) Give composition of China Clay.
    (b) What is the use of Borax in Ceramic Industry?


    (a) Match correct composition.

    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Carbondioxide


    • 20.94%
    • 78.09%
    •  0.03%

    (b) Name the gas used in any two of the following.
            (i) Refrigerator
            (ii) Aerated drink
            (iii) Kitchen gas stove
12. Explain the Principle of Television.

    (a) What is the difference between Revolution and Rotation of the earth?
    (b) How long it take to complete one revolution and rotation?
    (c) What major earth’s phenomena are resulted from revolution and rotation?

    (a) Name two mineral exported by Pakistan.
    (b) Name the industries which depend upon the following.
            (i) Common Salt
            (ii) Sulphur
            (iii) Silicon
            (iv) Gypsum
15. Name the chemicals which are added in the following either for preservation or for nutritional reasons.
            (i) Fruit and Fruit juices
            (ii) Drinking Water Chlorine
            (iii) Vegetable Ghee
            (iv) Meat

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