CSS Everyday Science Past Paper 1990

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1. Write a brief note on the transmission and reception of Radio waves?

2. Write at least five important functions of human skin.

3. Give a comparison of Camera and human eye.

4. What is meant by semiconductor? Explain how the conductivity of such material changes with:
       (i) Temperature
       (ii) The presence of impurities.

       (a) Define the term pesticide.
       (b) Name any four living organisms on which following pesticides are effective?
       (c) What are the harmful effects of these pesticides are human life?

6. What are the animal and plant sources of the following?

  • Vitamin B1
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E1
  • Nicotinic Acid

7. Lunar Eclipse occurs only at about the times of full moon while solar eclipse never occurs on full moon days. Explain why?

       (a) Give chemical name of one Nitrogen and one phosphorous containing fertilizer.
       (b) What is the role of Nitrogen and phosphorous in the growth and development of various parts of plants?

       (a) What do you know about Endocrine Glands?
       (b) From which part of the body following hormone are secreted?
                (i) Insulin
               (ii) Thyroxin
              (iii) Adrenalin
              (iv) Oestrogen
               (v) Progesterone
              (vi) Testosterone

10. What is the difference between any five of the following?
          (i) Rock and Soil
         (ii) Air cooler and Air conditioner
        (iii) Electron and Beta particles
        (iv) Conductor and Insulator
         (v) Power and Energy
        (vi) Mitosis and Meiosis
       (vii) Analogy and Homology

11. Give the principles and brief working of any two of the following.
       (i) Rocket
       (ii) Atomic Reactor
       (iii) Vaccine
       (iv) Telephone


       (a) Match name of scientist with his discovery.


      • Antonio Vas Leuwenhoek
      • Alexander Fleming
      • Dr. C. Gilbert
      • Mendeleev
      • Edward Jenner


      • Penicillin
      • Small Pox Vaccine
      • Micro organism
      • Laser
      • Periodic Table

       (b) Name the scientific field in which following Muslim scientists have made their contribution.

  • Jabir Bin Hayyan
  • Ibn el Haitham
  • Ibn Baitar
  • Abu al Qasim Zharvi
  • Al Khwarizmi

       (a) Prepare separate lists of Natural and Synthetic Polymers from the follwong.

    • Acrylic
    • Nucleic Acid
    • Dacron
    • Protein
    • Malmac
    • Cellulose

       (b) Give uses of any two of the following types of plastics.
              (i) Polyvinyl chloride
              (ii) Polyethylene
              (iii) Bakelite

14. Identify the effects produced by the following drugs.
       (i) Marijuana
       (ii) LSD
       (iii) Heroine
       (iv) Codeine

15. Write short notes on any two of the following
       (i) DNA
       (ii) Acid Rain
       (iii) Green house Effect
       (iv) Sex Linked Inheritance

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